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Conflict Management & Dispute Avoidance Systems

Conflict Management & Dispute Avoidance Systems

Behan Dispute Resolution design bespoke systems for the management of conflict and the avoidance of disputes for companies and individuals.  These systems are tailor made for the individual needs of users and are put in place following meetings with parties to investigate and robustly report on existing procedures.  The implementation of these systems can produce significant cost and time savings to the users and facilitate positive change at all levels within organisations.


Adjudication in construction is a formal written judgment on a disputed matter made by the independent third party Adjudicator.  It is an interim binding measure, but can be pursued in another forum, such as, arbitration or litigation. The process is speedy with a decision being reached by the Adjudicator within 28 days of referral. Under…
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Behan Dispute Resolution are experienced commercial and family mediators having been in practice for 15 years.  Joe is a Practitioner Member of Mediators Institute Ireland.

Joe and Ruth are certified Mediators with the International Mediation Institute (IMI)

Their team provide an independent, efficient, and confidential mediation service to enable all sides in dispute to come to mutual agreement.

Key Qualities of Behan Dispute Resolution Mediation Service include:

  • Impartial, Neutral and Balanced:
    no favour or bias is given to any one party.
  • Voluntary, Non-judgemental and non-directive :
    both parties have full control of all decision making. Parties are encouraged to listen to each other, and work together to achieve the best possible agreement. Nothing can be imposed at any stage of the process.
  • Experts’ Involvement :
    Parties’ legal, financial or other experts are retained and referred to during the mediation process. The parties always retain decision-making power.


Behan Dispute Resolution have arbitrated and adjudicated many cases of substantial value and complexity.  They offer an independent, professional service to both general business and construction sectors, enabling parties to avail of a cost effective and efficient dispute resolution process.  Behan Dispute Resolution adheres to all domestic and international legal frameworks. 


Key Qualities of Behan Dispute Resolution Arbitration Service include:


  • Specialist Knowledge
    Joe Behan was the International President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators(CIArb) for 2010 and is past Chairman of the CIArb (Irish Branch).
  • He is versed in both the domestic and international arbitration legal frameworks and has been appointed in a wide variety of arbitrations as lead arbitrator.  He has acted as an Adjudicator in over 150 cases in Ireland and the UK.

Efficiency :
Behan Dispute Resolution act immediately upon appointment to bring cases to hearing at the earliest possible date.  They set up preliminary hearings in their offices and set out a timetable to suit all parties. Their experience and approach helps prevent time wasting and therefore expense.

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