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Conflict Management & Dispute Avoidance Systems

Conflict Management & Dispute Avoidance Systems

Behan Dispute Resolution design bespoke systems for the management of conflict and the avoidance of disputes for companies and individuals.  These systems are tailor made for the individual needs of users and are put in place following meetings with parties to investigate and robustly report on existing procedures.  The implementation of these systems can produce significant cost and time savings to the users and facilitate positive change at all levels within organisations.


Adjudication in construction is a formal written judgment on a disputed matter made by the independent third party Adjudicator.  It is an interim binding measure, but can be pursued in another forum, such as, arbitration or litigation. The process is speedy with a decision being reached by the Adjudicator within 28 days of referral. Under…
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img_6Behan Dispute Resolution is a leading provider of mediation training to the private and public sectors domestically and Internationally. Our Mediation Courses are designed to develop the dispute resolution skills of participants. Our training has also been given within University Modules, the Law Society and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Behan Dispute Resolution Consultants have experience in both one-to-one mentoring, business training and research in relationship behaviour patterns. Change management systems are designed to enable the individual and organisations to implement change.
We design Conflict Management and Dispute avoidance systems for business,within all levels of operation.